Strap on your “tin-foil” hat ladies and gents, Dave and Chad go OFF the rails today (June 30, 2016) and dig into whether we actually went to the moon, and if so, why haven’t we been back in FORTY FOUR years??

In today’s podcast (Tuesday June 28, 2016), Dave and Chad get some fish and chips, mull over the Big Brexit Hangover, and talk about the future of the economy under #CrookedHillary or #Trump.

On today’s podcast (Friday June 24, 2016) Dave and Chad get fired up over the #Brexit referendum, hit HARD at the #NewWorldOrder #CrookedHillary and other various bastards!

On Wednesday’s podcast (6/22/16) Dave and Chad discuss the impacts of change to our identities, how this affects our relationships in life and business, and what to do with your stock portfolio when “Brexit” ruins the E.U. and consumer confidence.

On today’s podcast 06/20/16 Dave and I tip our caps to King James and the Cavaliers, cover a recent rejection by the Supreme Court on assault weapons, talk about desperate times in Venezuela and the mass migration of 65 million people and counting.

On (Friday’s) podcast (6/17/16), Dave and I had to eat a little crow, after yesterday’s failed NBA Finals predictions, we both thought Golden State had it wrapped up and King James proved us wrong. We also covered a recent article concerning a breakthrough in MS research that utilizes stem cells and talked about Elon Musk’s thoughts on micro-chipping humans to keep up with machines. Check back with us Monday afternoon for another podtastic podcast!

The second podcast from Dave and Chad is finally here!!! After a two week work vacation in Lake Tahoe I’m back and Dave and I caught up on the latest episode.  On today’s podcast we cover my Tahoe adventure, NBA Finals and wrap up with Dave’s recent article “The New World Order, Satan and the Orlando Club Shooting”. Enjoy! Podcast three will be available tomorrow afternoon.

Dave and Chad’s inaugural podcast pulls no punches taking on terrestrial radio, corporate D’bags, political hacks, the illuminati and of course we can’t forget the Saudi’s. It wasn’t all bad though, they do give a shout to Costco’s new organic farm venture. Enjoy, new podcasts to follow.